Rail Trail - Gooderham to Tory Hill, ON

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Rail Trail - Gooderham to Tory Hill, ON

Post by jleonard » Tue Sep 18, 2012 11:08 am

Location: From Gooderham, Ontario (along highway 503) to Tory Hill, ON

Type: Offroad, rail trail

Suitable for?: Ural motorcycles, Dual sport hacks, etc.

Description: The IB&O rail trail is a former railbed running from Gooderham to Tory Hill. (It actually runs past, but is not open to motorcycles at other points) Suitable for one wheel drive rugged rigs with enough clearance, it's a good ride for a Ural type motorcycle.

There are two places in Gooderham to get on the trail. One, just in town, takes you from within Gooderham to east of Gooderham along highway 503 (the second place to get on the trail.) This first section initially runs along a river and is full of dips and small rises - so if driven at any speed you'll end up in the air for short periods. (And possibly down a hill, depending on your crazy level.) The second section (east of Gooderham along 503, runs to Tory Hill - the park in the middle of town where they hold the farmers market is the end point. The trail continues past that, but is ATV only technically. No motorcycles.)

(Picture taken while riding my CT90, however the trail is definitely passable via Ural... street only rigs would have difficulty at the least however)


Fun factor?: Nice little trail - scenic, occasional small challenges. Bit sandy at points, bit bouncy at other points. Not terribly long but a nice little diversion if you are in the area.

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